Welcome to our digital photograph archives resource guide.  Our photograph listings include hundreds of images that were taken during the past ten years  They consist of photographed events from the Abilene and surrounding area, as well as from photo trips. Our archives also include a collection of historical photographs and post cards from early Abilene, Abilene Army Airfield and Camp Barkeley camp during WWII. 

Our photographs have contributed to grant applications, brochures, fliers, posters, publications and static displays.  They have been utilized by profit and nonprofit organizations. Most notable are the Bob Bullock Museum special exhibit in Austin, TX; the Wyndham Garden Hotel gallery, IH-35, Austin, TX, Bristol General Contractors in New York for their special Camp Barkeley publication, Frontier Texas! special exhibit, Mr. Jay Moore, Abilene historian, FOX KXVA-Abilene, the Hispanic Heritage Display committee and other projects that we have recieved request for from our collection.  

Our scenic photographs of the Abilene community are now included at the photo grallery of the Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union, 3661 North 6th Streeet, Abilene, Texas.

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About Our Photograph Archives

Since 1999 we have photographed a diversity of community events in Abilene and the surrounding area and have reported those activities on the HispanicAbilene.com web site.  The activities listed, for your research, are a reflection of those events.

The photographs were taken through amateur lenses that started with a throwaway camera in 1999 and developed to a 10.0 megapixel camera of today.  The art of digital photography and video, such as the iphones and ipads of today, are changing the way we see more of our world. 

No matter the importance of your photographs, whether it’s a backyard Bar-B-Que or a news breaking event, they are part of our changing world and should be documented and saved.

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