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Hispanics In Abilene: They Persevered Together by Mike P. Hernandez (2014)
Available for research. Early Hispanic presence in the Abilene area. Development and settlement of Abilene's first Hispanic barrio, El Barrio de los Sancudos.

Barrio Penjamo, Brief History,
by Mike P. Hernandez (2015) Available for research, residence in 1955 and 1960 street index for Park Ave., Westmoreland, Shelton Stret, Green Street, Burger Street, in the Sears Park Addition.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

Early Hispanic History

In 1987 the Abilene Reporter News published a 12 page special report entitled Hispanics In Abilene. The report appeared in the C section of the Monday ARN edition, November 9, 1987. The special report was a comprehensive coverage of the Hispanic community at the time.  The special section reported on local Hispanics where no other study had ever researched.  They interviewed early Hispanic settlers, Hispanics that had broken the barriers in the community, as well as business owners, plus much more. 

This section of Early Hispanic History covers that historic publication. The names, photos and page number in which they appeared in the articles are mentioned to generate further research of this important document. 

Abilene Reporter News, Monday November 9, 1987
Hispanics In Abilene: A Special Report

Front Page
Analysis, demographics of the Hispanic community  in Abilene

Page 2C

Trying to tear down a language barrier (article)
Joe Alcorta, Hardin Simmons professor,  foreign language department
Yolanda Ybarra, teacher at Fannin Elementary  (photo)
Gary Gonzales, 3 year old son of Maria Wyatt and Jennifer Tolentino, 3 year old daughter of Eddie and Maria Tolentino (photo) 

Page 3C

La Historia
The barrio: It was home, it still is (article)

Enedina Martinez lodging house (photo)
Barrio early settlers Christobal Herrera, Gusto Rosales, Jesus Munoz, Ramon Alvarez and Arcadio Villalovos (photo)
Oldest headstones in the Hispanic section of Cedar Hill Cemetery (photo)
1937 Abilene Boy Scouts, Troop 12 at city hall (photo)

Page 4C

Hispanics still feel that church, Catholic or not, is important (article)
Rev. Ruben Garza, Temple Nueva Vida
Mark Woodruff, Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Father Maurice Voity, Director of Communication for Catholic diocese in San Angelo
Josias and Susi Mendoza
Charles Maciel, pastor of Ambler Baptist Church,
Francisco Rodrigues
Santo P. Rodriguez
Michel Rodrigues
George de la Rosa and his children (photo)

St. Francis: Faiths landmark. City’s oldest church links memories of Hispanics, whites (article and photo)
Lee Curiel
Irene Donnell Prew
 Father Rudolf Gurkin
Chano Rivera
Rufus Quintanilia
Father Thomas Leahy
Pvt. Reyes Flores
Lupe Medrano (article, photo)

Page 5C 

Political power: It’s there, waiting
Solutions to problems of prejudice are in Hispanic hands, leaders say (article)

 Joe Alcorta, first Hispanic to be elected to City Council, 1973
Gilbert Rodriguez, LULAC (photo)
Sam Matta, Taylor County Justice of the Peace (photo)
Joe Leal, community activist (article and photo)

Jorge Solis: A man of first is making sure he is not the last (article)
Jorge Solis, Taylor County District Attorney with sons Daniel, 7, and George Jr. (photo)

Page 6C

A search of more Hispanic teachers (article)
A&M educators programs putting more minorities on college campus
Texas A&M Dean Corrigan.
Abilene ISD campus enrollments (photo)
Joe Alcorta (article, photo)

Church, continued from page 4C
Feliciano Pastello, 7, Ambler Baptist Church (photo)
Rev. Carlos Fuentes, Beautiful Savior Mission, 1413 Delano (photo)

Page 7C

Boycott (article)
‘Monkey language insult sparked 9-day walkout by students in 1969
1969 Hispanic students protesting Abilene ISD marching from Sears Park down Mockingbird Lane (photo)

Remember the boycott! (article)

Businessman Bill Wright, School board
B.B. Trotter, School board

Andy Esparza (article, photo)

Graffiti behind Church of God,  2300 block of Old Anson Road (photo)

Teachers continued from page 6C

Yolanda Ybarra, Fannin Elementary schoolteacher with her students (photo)

Page 8C

Hispanic or otherwise, an Abilene police officer’s  job is
To protect and to serve (article)
Joel Lujan, Abilene Police detective (photo)
Sgt. Lupe Duran, Abilene Police (photo)

Firefighter recruiting doused at exam (article)
Henry Davila, Lt. Inspector, Abilene Fire Department

First Hispanic policemen overcame initial pressures (article)

Pete Hernandez, Jr. (article and photo)

This single Hispanic mother mixes family with her career (s) (article
Irene Paredes (article, photo with daughter Julie and son Bernardo)

Gloria Solis (article, photo)

Page 9C

Love of Country (article)
Given equality in the military, Hispanics have risen to heights a high as hero

Leon Valdez with photos of Richard, Robert, Luis Paul, Thomas and Marie Elena (photo)
Lt. Col. Frank Ortiz (photo)

GI Forum once was a major force in Abilene (article)

George Santana, GI Fourm, poses with Desma Ramos, named Forum Queen and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ramos m 1975 photograph (photo) 

Reyes Flores, U.S. Marine (article, photo)

Page 10C

Restaurants are city’s melting pot (article)
Families and secret recipe, make the difference

Casa Herrera
Farolito’s Mexican Restaurant, founded about 1935
Chris Hererra
Sam Herrera
Lupe Herrera Villalobos
Marcario “Mickey” Villalobos
Pompas Original Mexican Food

Dancing Saturday nights away to the Norteno beat, One night at El Charro (article)
David Barrera, one of the El Charro owners
El Charro Ballroom crowd (photo)
A.T Flores at El Charro (photo)

Holidays  (article)
List of Hispanic holidays
Marie Alaniz, 2, daughter of Beck Alaniz at El Barrio de los Sancudos (photo)

David Martinez (article and photo)
Panaderia Mexicana, 1924 Ambler

Page 11C

Continued from page 8C

Freddie Martinez, Abilene High Eagles first Hispanic quarterback ((article and photo)

Chano Rivera, 73 year old long time Abilene resident, long distance runner (article and photo)

First (article), continued from 8C

GI (article), continued from 9C

Food (article) continued from 10C
Interior of Hispanic shop with view of barrio (photo)

El Charro (article) continued from 10C

Page 12C

Tough economic times in Mexico keep aliens flow to Texas going (article)
Gerrado Hardin Rios
Carlos Fuentes, church filing for undocumented workers
Jim Hatchett, border patrol agent from San Angelo
Julian Bridges, Hardin Simmons professor

Jesus Cisneros Flores
(article and photo)

Hispanic businesses: Untapped market to buy from, to sell to (article)
Reymundo Silva, wife Stella (photo)
Terry Meza, Abilene Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Joe Leal, Little Joe Movers
Efren Villanueva, Abilene Loan and Pawn
Leticia Martinez, Panaderia Meixcana (photo)
Enedina Martinez, 80 years old, two story hotel (photo)

Freddie (article), continued from 11C

2006 research collection for the Hispanic History Taskforce submitted by the Education Service Center, Region 14 to the Grace Museum, June 30, 2006.  The research was conducted by Terry and Mary Northups.

The 16 page document titles from the research covers Mexican Americans: The Invisible Minority in the Abilene area: The early years; Minorities in the News; Education of Hispanics; The Catholic Church and Mexican Americans; Abilene Hispanic :firsts” (burials, marriages, and births).  Included are list of names of  Burials at Abilene Cemetery, 1880-1899; Burials 1900-1919.

Callahan County Birth Records Before 1900; Taylor County Birth Records, 1885-1920.  Callahan County Marriages 1890-1920 and City of Abilene, City Clerk marriage license 1886-1898.

Interview with Fernando “Fred” Santibanez, his grandfather was one of the first Texas & Pacific Railroad workers hired to complete the section of tracks near Abilene.

1997-1998 Mexican –American/Hispanic School historical narrative for the Texas Historical Marker at Houston School entitled: The Mexican-American Hispanic School in Abilene….A brief history,  written by Larry Abrigg, Debra Guerra, Clem Mathis and Maria Velasquez.

1930 Cinco de Mayo Celebration Poster. Activities for May 3, 4 & 5, 1930 are listed. Names of ceremony organizers and participants are listed for each event.

Local names in the event Julio Hernandez, Roberto Flores, Eulalia H. de Gonzalez, Jose I. Martinez, Francisco Perales, Antonio Rodriquez, Consuelo Holguin, Reyitos Perales, Carmen Hernandez, T.A. Biatsoe, Carmen Padilla, Crescencia Chias, Victoria de Zaragosa, Sara Gaitan,  Soledad Holguin, 

Recepcion, Lazo Verde: Pedro Ramom, Pedro Cano, Juan Holguin Jr., Consuelo Holguin, Crescencia Chia, Soledad Holguin.
Orden Lazo Blanco: Roendo Gonzales, Ambrosio Gonzales, Manuel Holguin, Luis Camarena.
Ornato: Roberto Flores, Luis Salazar, Antonio Rodrigues, Cristina C. de Salazar, Marcelina T. Jaimes.
Maestro de Ceremonias: Jose H. Martinez
Abanderados: Juan Holguin, Pedro Hernandez
Basstoneros: Juan Holguin, Adcadio Villalobos, Apolinar Cervantes.

Comite de Festejos:
Presidente, Julio Hernandez
Secretario, Antonio Holguin
Vocales, Emilio Flores, Enrique V. Diaz Juan Holguin, Guillermo Rubio, Adcadio Villalobos 

1972 Diez y Sies de Septiembre Celebration poster with activities covering September 15 & 16, 1972 at the Houston Elementary School platform.  Names and activities listed.

Local names in the event: Morris Hernandez, Olivia Alejandra Garcia, Maria Teresa Garcia, M/M David Loya, Manuel Hernandez, Ralph Sandoval, Helen Garcia, Esther Garcia, Vicky Gonzales, Mrs. Manuel Becera, Manuel Becera, Reymundo Campos, Ricky and the Romans, Conjunto de los Sundowners, Juan Games, Gregorio Estrada, Lee Curiel, Blanca Estrela Ramos, .Francisco Quiros,

Comite de Festejos: Iglesia de San Francisco, Presidente Manuel Becera, Vice Presidente Ralph Sandoval, Secretario Morris Hernandez, Tesorero Jesse Barrera, Sr., Segundo Tesorero Enrique B. Diaz, Dirijentes de la marcha Mrs. Lucia Carrillo, Mrs. Lupe Gutierrez.

Vocales: Primer vocal Joe Cruz, Segundo vocal Manuel Gonzalez, Tercer vocal Reymundo Campos.
Jefe de Ornatos: Juan Benites
Orden y Bastoneros: Charle Garcia, Jesus Munos, Jimmy Stokes, Gregorio Estrada, Reymundo Campos, Pete Castillo.
Abanderados: Francisco Quiros, Jose Luis Flores.
Maestro de Ceremonias: Manuel Hernandez   

Early Photos available for research

Americanization School, Abilene, Texas, North 8th and Magnolia (North Treadaway) Mexican School in 1930s

African American School, Abilene, Texas North 9th and Magnolias (North Treadaway) Colored School in 1930s

Also available, Abilene, Texas, 1930s grammar schools: Travis, Fair Park, Central, Locust, Alta Vista, Valley View and College Heights.  

Houston Elementary, Abilene, Texas, 317 North 8th.

8 page Abilene Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday, April 16, 1986 program and directory.
Guest Speaker Melda Clementa Cabrera, Deputy Regional Director and the Acting Regional Director for the Minority Business Developing Agency.

Installation of Officers: Otila Saenz, President; Reymundo Silva, Vice President; Pablo Rodriquez, Treasurer; Teresa Carrillo, Secretary.

Master of Ceremonies: Terry Meza.

Joe Leal, Business Man of the Year.

Contains the Directory of Hispanic Chamber members

Entertainment: Triple Beat.

Resource information listed on this web page can be inquired at , 325.721.7564 or for most information listed, at the Abilene Public Library, main branch, 202 Cedar St, Abilene, TX.