Welcome to our digital photograph archives resource guide.  Our photograph listing include hundreds of images that were taken during the past ten years  They consist of photographed events from the Abilene and surrounding area, as well as from photo trips.

Our photographs have contributed to grant applications, brochures, fliers, poster, publications and static displays.  They have been utilized by profit and nonprofit organizations.

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Original Team Roping, Taylor Co. Expo, 2-6-10
MLK Day Wal-Mart, 1-18-10


Snow Downtown Abilene, 12-24-09
Abilene High State Championship, Alamodome, 12-19-09
San Antonio Spanish Missions, 12-19-09
Christmas En El Barrio, Sears Park, 12-12-09
ArtWalk Downtown Abilene, 12-10-09
HEB Feast of Sharing, Abilene Civic Center, 12-8-09
Abilene Downtown City Sidewalks/KTXS Parade, 12-1-09
Tejano Grupo Vida at Chicos Restaurant, 11-20-09
Hispanic Leadership Soccer at Abilene Chritian Unv., 11-14-09
Sears Park Thanksgiving Dinner, 11-12-09
Veterans Day Parade, 11-7-09
Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Business Mercado, 11-4-09
Cafe Con Leche, Sears Park, 10-27-09
Dyess Hispanic Heritage banquet, (courtesy), 10-24-09
Tejano Los Dos Gilbertos, Sweetwater, TX 10-16-09
Abilene Christian Entra A La Plaza, (courtesy) 10-9-09
Tejano Gary Hobbs, Sweetwater, TX 10-9-09

Abilene Chamber Hispanic Business Mercado, Abilene Civic Center, 10-3-09
Children's book author Diane Bertrand, Mockingbird Library, 9-26-09
Dyess Heritage "Fiesta In The Park", 9-19-09
Diez y Seis de Septiembere, Sears Park, Abilene 9-15-09
Tejano Elida Reyna, West Texas Fair, 9-13-09
Camp Barkeley site photos, 9-13-09
West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade, 9-12-09
Sam's Club presentation to Hispanic Leadership, 9-9-09
Fort Chadbourne, 9-1-09
Hispanic Business Luncheon, El Chico's Restaurant, 8-24-09
Tejano National Convention, Dallas, Texas, 8-21-09
ArtWalk, Downtown Abilene, 8-13-09
Hispanic Leadership/Communities In School/Walmart Media picture, 8-13-09
Communities in Schools Shopping Spree Target Store, 8-21-09
ACCESS computers, 7-14-09
ArtWalk, Downtown Abilene, 7-9-09
CarWalk, 6-11-09
Fredrickburg, Texas, 8-1-09
Barrio del Sancudo Reunion, 7-18-09
Northern Little League, Regional All-Stars 7-17-09
Hispanic Leadership Soccer Tournament, Lee Complex, 7-11-09
Hispanic Business Council Luncheon, Alley Cats, 6-23-09
KJTZ Birthday, Abilene Civic Center, 6-13-09
Hispanic Leadership/Walmart donation, 6-9-09
Hispanic Business Council Luncheon, Mr Gatti's, 5-26-09
Texas State Cemetery dedication, Abilene 5-25-09
Abilene ISD retirement ceremony. 5-21-09,
Hispanic Seniors Recognition Banquet, 5-16-09
Abilene High School JrROTC Parade in Review, 5-14-09
Hispanic Leadership, ACU Bob Hunter Center, (courtesy)5-12-09
Abilene Community Foundation grant awards, 5-12-09
Fort Phantom, 5-10-09
Frontier Texas 5-9-09
Western Heritage Parade, Downtown Abilene, 5-7-09
Abilene Law Enforcement Memorial, 5-6-09
Cooper High JrROTC parade in review, 5-6-09
Cinco de Mayo, Walmart 5-5-09
Cinco de Mayo, Abilene State Bank, 5-5-09
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent, 5-2-09
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent 5-3-09
Air Show, Abilene Airport 5-2-09
Cinco de Mayo dignitary dinner, St. Vincent 5-1-09
Abilene Library Dia de los Ninos/Libros, 4-30-09
Abilene Mockingbird Library Immigration program, 4-30-09
Hispanic Business Council, Golden Corral 4-28-09
Bandera,  Texas 4-25-09
Abilene Chamber Web Marketing seminar, 4-23-09
Hispanic Leadership College Heights Elementary, 4-21-09
KJTZ Tejano 106.9 djs, 4-17-09
Swenson House, Sgt Keith Shackleford, 4-17-09
Hispanic Leadership Mockingbird Library tour, 4-7-09
Northern Little League opening ceremony, 4-4-09
Hispanic Business Council Farm Expo, 3-25-09
Business Expo, 3-25-09
Veterans Seminar, Abilene Civic Center, 3-21-09
Rattlesnake Roundup, Sweetwater, 3-15-09
Texas Independence Day, Frontier Texas, 3-2-09
Old School Boxing, National Guard Armory 2-28-09
Dyess Military Soccer Tournament, 2-7-09
TET Reunion, Taylor County Building, 2-7-09
Hispanic Business Council Gathering, Oscar's Restaurant, 2-19-09
ArtWalk, Downtown Abilene, 2-12-09
Hispanic Business Council Luncheon, Suze's Restaurant, 2-3-09
West Texas Rehab 09, 1-17-09
Grand Opening, Mockingbird Library Branch, 1-10-09
Hardback Cafe, 1-10-09
ArtWalk, Downtown Abilene, 1-8-09


Ortiz Communities of the Big Country, 12-21-08
Christmas En El Barrio, Sears Park,12-13-08
KTXS Christmas City Sidewalks, 12-2-08
Hispanic Leadership College Planning Seminar, 12-1308
ArtWalk, 12-11-08
Hispanic Leadership Council Officer 12-9-09
H E B Feast  12-09-08
Mission Thanksgiving, 11-21-08
Friends of the Library, 11-18-08
Veterans Day Parade, 11-15-08
Sears Park Thanksgiving, 11-13-08
Abilene Chamber Public Utilities Commission, 11-12-08
Veterans Luminarios, Abilene Civic Center, 11-11-08
Buffalo Gap, Texas 11-10-08
Downtown Dayz 11-10-08
Marine Corps Birthday, 11-7-08
Dia de los Muertos, Albany, Texas 11-1-08
Caring Community College Heights Friendship Halloween 10-30-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon, Bee Hive, 10-28-08
St. Vincent Youth Softball 10-26-08
Dyess Hispanic Banquet 10-25-08
Hardin Simmons Univ. Fireworks, 10-24-08
Caring Communities College Heights Friendship House, 10-14-08
Downtown Dayz, 10-11-08
ArtWalk, 10-9-08
Abilene Library Dia de los Muertos, 10-9-08
Neighborhood Watch Night Out, 10-7-08
Frontier Texas 10-4-08
St. Francis Church Jamaica 10/3-4/08
Holy Family Church Festival, 10-4-08
Fort Concho, Railroad museum, San Angelo, Texas 9-27-08
Abilene Christian Entra A La Plaza, 9-26-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon, Amanda Restaurant, 9-23-08
Texas Rangers vs California Angels, Arlington, Texas 9-21-08
Abilene Chamber Business Mercado, Abilene Civic Center 9-20-08
Dyes Hispanic Heritage Fiesta 9-19-08
Diez y Seis de Septiembre American State Bank, 9-16-08
Tejano David Olivares, West Texas Fair 9-7-08
West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade, 9-6-08
LULAC Softball Tournament 8-30-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon 8-26-08
Communities In Schools Shopping Spree, Target Stores 8-22-08
LULAC Back to School Rally 8-16-08
Tejano Music National Convention, Dallas, Texas 8/15-17/08
ArtWalk, Dog Days 8-14-08
Hispanic Business Trade Show Tips, 8-12-08
Frontier Texas Shootout, 8-9-08
Texas Rangers New York Yankees Arlington 8-5-08
Tejano Shelly Lares KJTZ studio, 7-25-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon, 7-22-08
Hispanic Leadership Soccer Tournament, Lee Complex, 7-21-08
Barrio del Sancudo Reunion 7-19-08
Swenson House Neighborhood cookout 7-19-08
ACCESS Reading Camp, 7-16-08
ArtWalk, 7-13-08
Downtown Daze 7-12-08
Grace Museum Latinas, 7-10-08
ACCESS Reading, 7-3-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon, 6-24-08
Abilene ZOO, 6-24-08
Hispanic Business 3rd year 6-17-08
Hispanic Business Desayuno 6-14-08
CarWalk, Downtown Abilene 6-12-08
Abilene Library Young Audiences Folklorico 6-10-08
Camp Barkeley camp map
Communities in School H E B award 6-4-08
Community in Schools reception 6-3-08
Hispanic Business Scholarship 5-27-08
Memorial Day ceremony 5-26-08
Hispanic Business County Gov. Seminar 5-22-08
Fannin Elementary Ballroom dancing, 5-21-08
North Funeral Home Military Painting, 5-20-08
ZOOlute 5-17-08
Hispanic Seniors Recognition 5-17-08
Hispanic Leadership Grace Museum, 5-13-08
Ortiz Elementary Western Day, 5-9-08
Western Heritage Parade, Downtown Abilene 5-8-08
Abilene High JrROTC, 5-8-08
Cooper High JrROTC 5-7-08
Dyess AirFest 5-3-08
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent 5/2-4/08
Cinco de Mayo,Walmart 5-3-08
Cinco de Mayo, Walmart 5-2-08
Fort Phantom, 4-30-08
Abilene Library Dia de los Ninos/Libros 4-29-08
Hispanic Business HUB Seminar, 4-24-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon Spaghetti Warehouse, 4-22-08
Abilene ISD School Board Candidate Forum 4-21-08
Fannin Elementary Ballroom dancers, 4-21-08
Buffalo Gap Erinshire, 4-19-08
San Antonio Missions, 4/9-11/08
Hispanic Leadership Mtg, guest Darby, KTAB Vodak, 4-8-08
ACU Hispanos Unidos Mexico City (courtesy) 3-31-08
Northern Little League, 3-29-08
Business Expo, Abilene Civic Center, 3-26-08
Hispanic Business Expo Luncheon, 3-26-08
Hispanic Business Dyes Contracting, 3-20-08
Hispanic Leadership College Planning, 3-8-08
Hispanic Business Tax seminar, 3-6-08
Hispanic Leadership Abilene Cultural Affairs, 2-29-08
Hispanic Business City Gov. 2-28-08
Hispanic Leadership ACCESS 2-12-08
Tejano Music Convention Media Day, Dallas, Texas 2-21-08
Hispanic Business Seminar, 2-7-08
TET Reunion, 2-2-08
Hispanic Leadership Workforce 1-24-08
Hispanic Business Luncheon, 1-22-08
West Texas Rehab 08, 1-19-08
Hispanic Business Desayuno, 1-12-08
ArtWalk, 1-10-08