Welcome to our digital photograph archives resource guide.  Our photograph listing include hundreds of images that were taken during the past ten years  They consist of photographed events from the Abilene and surrounding area, as well as from photo trips.

Our photographs have contributed to grant applications, brochures, fliers, poster, publications and static displays.  They have been used by profit and nonprofit organizations.

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Veterans Day, 11-11-05
Sears Park Thanksgiving, 11-10-05
ACCESS computers, 11-10-05
Hispanic Leadership mtg, John Wright, Fydo Alvarez, 11-9-05
City Bond Committee field trip, 11-4-05
Hispanic mtg to form business chamber, 11-2-05
Democratic Women, 10-29-05
Abilene High Eagles, Shotwell Stadium, 10-28-05
St Vincent parish priest installation, 10-23-05
Wrecking ball of building, Downtown Abilene, 10-19-05
Abilene Convention & Visitors Hot Topics, 10-18-05
Ft Worth Stockyards, 10-13-05
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Bank of America donation, 10-11-05
St. Francis Jamaica, 10-8-08
ACCESS Older Workers program, 9-23-05
Abilene Christian Univ. Entra a la Plaza, 9-23-05
Hispanic Heritage displays Abilene Library, City Hall, 9-19-05
 Diez y Seis de Septiembre, LULAC dinner 9-16-05
Hispanic Leadership mtg, ASB, TSTC 9-12-05
West Texas Fair & Fair Parade, 9-10-05
LULAC Softball teams winner softball, 9-3-05
Walmart donation to ACCESS, 8-22-05
National Assoc Hispanic Journalist, Abilene Reporter News, 8-16-05
Neighborhood Night Out, 8-2-05
Hispanic Leadership trip to San Antonio, 7-30-05
Barrio del Sancudo Reunion, 7-23-05
Hispanic Leadership Viva la Educacion, 7/16-17/05
Washington DC, 6/15-23/05
BRAC trip to San Antonio, 6-11-05
LULAC NAACP citizen form, (courtesy), 6-11-05
Arrow Ford Classic Cars, 6-4-05
Memorial Day, 5-30-05
Sears Park Revitalization, Pastor Pecina, 5-19-05
Sacred Heart Coronation, 5-15-05
Hispanic Seniors Recognition Banquet, 5-14-05
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent, 5/6-8/05
Abilene High JrROTC, 5-6-05
Cooper JrROTC, 5-4-05
ACCESS Older Workers birthday, 5-4-05
Abilene Library Dia de los Nino, 4-28-05
Buffalo Gap, Texas, 4-23-05
Hardin Simmons Hispanic Media, Sean Baker, 4-15-05
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Hispanic Seniors, 4-14-05
Fredrickburg, Texas 4-2-05
Abilene Library author Ramiro Martinez, 3-29-05
Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup, 3-13-05
ACCESS trip Dallas Chamber, 2-25-05:LULAC Sears Park, 2-24-05
LULAC 76th Anniversary, 2-18-05
LULAC Town Hall forum, 2-13-05
Hispanic Leadership tour Frontier Texas, 2-8-05
St. Vincent 41st Anniversary, 2-5-05
KTAB coverage St. Vincent 41st Anniversary., 1-31-05
Abilene Dinner Table, 1-22-05


ACCESS Mentors, 12-10-04
Artwalk, 12-9-04
Hispanic Leadership College Planning, Cisco Jr. College, 12-4-04
KTXS Christmas parade, 11-30-04
ACCESS SER Senior Employment, 11-17-04
Veterans Day Parade, 11-11-04
LULAC Veterans Day, 11-11-04
Sears Park Seniors Thanksgiving, 11-11-04
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Dyess donation to HLC, HLC donation to ACCESS,11-04-04
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Grace Museum, Art Casarez 10-20-04
Sheriff candidate forum, Sears Park, 10-15-04
TET Reunion mtg, Enriques Restaurant, 10-9-04
Farewell Dinner St. Vincent priest 10-2-04
Festival of the Americas, 10/7-8/04
St. Francis Jamaica, 10-2-04
Festival of the Americas BBQ, Festival Gardens, 9-30-04
Diez y Seis de Septiembre, Sears Park Seniors, 9-16-04
Abilene Library Salsa Night, 9-16-04
KVVO radio, Carmen Griffin, Mike Hernandez, 9-13-04
West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade, 9-11-04
LULAC Softball list of winners/pictures 9/4-5/04
LULAC Softball Tournament,, 9/4-5/04
Military Family Day, Frontier Texas, 8-21-04
ACCESS Old School Boxing, Sears Park, 8-14-04
ACCESS Mentors 8-7-04
LULAC Back to School, 8-6-04
Rio Grande Valley, 7-20-04
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Judy Wilhelm, Michelle VanHorn 7-14-04
KJTZ Tejano radio station Grand Opening, 6-11-04
Memorial Day, Keith Wells,  5-27-04
Linea de Conexcion, Carmen Garcia Griffin, bio
ACCESS Senior Employment, 5-14-04
Cobb Park Desert Storm Flag Presentation 5-14-04
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Chief Melvin Martin, Finland reporters 5-11-04
Abilene High Fiesta Week, 5-7-04
Cooper High JrROTC 5-7-04
Abilene High JrROTC 5-5-04
Jefferson Award, Abiene Civic Center, 4-23-04
 Mayor Candidate forum, Hardin Simmons 4-19-04
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent 4-30-04/5-1-2/04
NAACP Forum, Abilene Civic Center, 3-20-04
Frontier Texas Grand Opening, 3-3-04
KVVO, Pastor Zeke Pecina, 3-1-04
LULAC Anniversary, David Lee Garza, Abilene Civic Center, 2-21-04
LULAC Anniversary Ben E. Keith Hospitality, 2-20-04
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Toastmasters, 2-17-04
National Association Hispanic Journalist/Abilene Reporter News, Elks Bldg, 2-12-04
Hispanic Seniors Recognition committee, Abilene High cafeteria, 1-20-04
LULAC mtg, Murray, 1-20-04
Garcia candidate school board announcement, 1-19-04
ACCESS Seniors Computer class 1-8-04