Welcome to our digital photograph archives resource guide.  Our photograph listing include hundreds of images that were taken during the past ten years  They consist of photographed events from the Abilene and surrounding area, as well as from photo trips.

Our photographs have contributed to grant applications, brochures, fliers, poster, publications and static displays.  They have been used by profit and nonprofit organizations.

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Christmas en el Barrio, Sears Park, 12-24-03
ACCESS board, 12-20-03
 LULAC Youth 12-20-03
Sears Senior Citizens Christmas Party, 12-19-03
Ponce Family, memorial tree dedication, Sears Park 12-18-03
Downtown Posadas, 12-11-03
KTXS Parade of Lights 12-2-03
Sears Park Thanksgiving, 11-13-03
Veterans Day, Taylor County War statue dedication, 11-11-03
Hispanic Leadership, Cong. Stenholm, HLC C
hris. Southward donation to ACCESS,11-11-03
LULAC Veterans Day, 11-11-03
Hispanic Leadership College Planning Seminar, Harding Simmons Unv. 11-5-03
Sisneros Buick Pontiac GMC anniversary, 10-28-03
Fort Phantom Rendezvous,  Ft. Phantom Hill, 10-25-03
SER National Convention, Las Colinas, Texas 10-20-03
St. Francis Jamaica 10-4-03
Dies y Seis de Septiembre, Sears Park Seniors program, 9-16-03
Vietnam Wall replica memorial, Nelson Park, 9-11-03
West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade, 9-6-03
 LULAC Softball Tournament Orientation mtg, 8-29-03
ACCESS Reading Camp, Stenholm 8-20-03 & 8-25-03
Forts Belknap, Richardson, Texas, 8-20-03
ACCESS SER Jobs, 8-15-03
LULAC Scholarship Awards, 8-14-03
LULAC Back t School Rally, 8-9-03
Community Action Program, Deckard, Baker 7-31-03
LULAC mtg, Sears Park, 7-31-03
Communities in Schools board, 6-23-03
Abilene Downtown photos 6/20/03
KTXS Kayla Concepcion 6-20-03
Abilene Convention group “Check Out Own Backyard” KTXS spots, 6-20-03
Memorial Day, 5-26-03
City Council mtg at Sears, 5-22-03
LULAC 605 Woman of the Year, 5-20-03
Hispanic Senior Recognition Banquet, 5-17-03
Texas Forts 5-16-03
Hispanic Leadership, Nuestras Hijas presentation, 5-13-03
Abilene High Fiesta Week, 5-9-03
Abilene High JrROTC, 5-9-03
Community Development Block committee, ACCESS Learning Center, 5-7-03
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent, 5/2-4/03
2121 Apartment Fire fundraiser, N. 1st K-Mart 4-29-03
LULAC Officers 605, 3-18-03
Sweetwater Jaycees, 2-20-03
LULAC 74th Anniversary, 2-18-03
Hispanic Seniors @ McDonalds, 2-11-03
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Earnest 2-11-03
West Texas Rehab 03, 1-18-03
Abilene priest going away reception, 1-13-03
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Larry Gilley, 1-13-03


Christmas en el Barrio, 12-24-02
Abilene ISD lunch, 12-12-02
Frontier Texas dedication, 12-10-02
Hispanic Seniors Poinsettia sales, 12-7-02
LULAC District mtg, 12-6-02
Sears Park Revitalization mtg, 11-25-02
Hispanic Leadership College Planning, McMurry Univ., 11-23-02
Tejano Chente Barrera, 11-16-02
Advanced Auto Parts Car Show, 11-16-02
Sears Park Thanksgiving, 11-14-02
LULAC Youth Veterans Day, 11-11-02
Veterans Day Parade, 11-10-02
Festival of the Americas, 10-11-02
Dyess Hispanic Heritage, 10-10-02
St. Francis Jamaica, 10-5-02
Abilene Public Library Dia de los Muertos, 9-20-02
Book author David Rice. 9-28-02
Diez y Seis de Septiembre, Seniors Citizens, 9-16-02
Diez y Seis de Septiembre, Enriques Restaurant, 9-15-02
West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade, 9-7-02
Texas Gov. candidate Tony Sanchez, 9-6-02
LULAC Softball, 8-31/9-1-02
LULAC Youth, 8-31-02
LULAC Softball, 8-30/9-1-02
Shotwell Stadium, Astroturf dedication, 8-27-02
Mi Reconsito Car Show, 8-25-02
Celebrate Abilene , Downtown Abilene. 4-13-02
KTES reception, 4-5-02
KTES TV interview HispanicAbilene, 2-9-02
Advanced Auto Parts Car Show, 2-7-02
Hispanic High School Seniors @McDonalds, 1-29-