Welcome to our digital photograph archives resource guide.  Our photograph listing include hundreds of images that were taken during the past ten years  They consist of photographed events from the Abilene and surrounding area, as well as from photo trips.

Our photographs have contributed to grant applications, brochures, fliers, poster, publications and static displays.  They have been used by profit and nonprofit organizations.

Enjoy your research, and contact us for  any assistance.

Thank You



Downtown Posadas, 12-13-01
Hispanic Scholarship Planning seminar, Hardin Simmons Univ. 12-7-01
Abilene High Abilene High ICAN Sears cleanup, 12-5-01
KTXS Christmas parade, 12-4-01
Veteran’s Operation Thanksgiving Abilene Civic Center, 11-22-01
Abilene High cleanup at Sears Park, 11-20-01
Hispanic Leadership, Jimmy DeFoor, 11-18-01
Sears Revitalization mtg, 11-15-01
Heart Walk, Redbud Park, 11-13-01
LULAC Youth Veterans Day, 11-11-01
Marine Corps Ball, Dyess, 11-11-01
Sears Park Seniors Thanksgiving, 11-8-01
Hispanorama TV show, 10-28-01
Ft. Phantom Rendezvous, 10-27-01
LULAC District mtg, 1-27-01
TSTC Abilene Hispanic Appreciation Day, 10-9-01
ACCESS end of student session, 10-4-01
Toys for Tots Walk, VFW 6873, 10-27-01
Sears Park Revitalization @ city council, 10-12-01
Abilene Library Dia de los Muertos, 9-28-01
St. Francis Jamaica, 10-6-01
Festival of the Americas 9/21-22/01
Ramiro Burr reception, 9-20-01
Sisneros GMC Pontiac Festival of Americas reception, 9-20-01
Dyes POW-MIA, 9-20-01
New Mexico wood artist Hector Rascon at ACCESS, 9-19-01
Taylor County Commissioners proclamation to Hispanic Leadership, 9-18-01
Victor Carrillo Taylor County Oath, 9-18-01
Diez y Seis de Septiembre, Sears Park 9-14-01
Festival of the Americas dinner  9-13-01
ACCESS student Cielito Lindo song, 9-13-01
West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade, 9-8-01
Hispanic Leadership Festival news conference, 9-7-01
LULAC Softball, 9-4-01
JTz Car Show, 9-2-01
LULAC Youth Softball 8-31-01
Dyes Aviation Day, 8-18-01
LULAC Back to School Rally, 8-14-01
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Dr. Michael Moehler, 8-14-01
Hispanorama TV taping at ACCESS, 8-9-01
Hispanic Leadership cookbook, ACCESS, 7-30-01
Ft. Phantom Hill, 6-23-01ACCESS Reading Camp, 6-22-01
Elmdale Airport air show, 6-17-01
Sears Park Revitalization @ ACCESS, 6-14-01
Hispanic Leadership tour WorkForce, 6-12-01
Festival of the Americas sponsorship breakfast, 5-31-01
Keep Abilene Beautiful at ACCESS, 5-30-01
Taylor County Veterans Memorial statue dedication, 5-28-01
Hispanic Leadership scholarship to Hispanic Seniors, 5-8-01
Cinco de Mayo, St. Vincent, 5/5-7-01
Hispanic Seniors Recognition banquet, Abilene Civic Center, 4-28-01
Celebrate Abilene 4/21-22-01
Hispanic Leadership mtg, Cong. Stenholm, 4-10-01
Swenson House, 4-5-01
Paul Vasquez memorial tree, Ortiz Elementary, 4-5-01
LULAC Officers, 3-20-01
 Community Task Force at ACCESS, 3-20-01
Hispanic Leadership College Planning @ Abilene Christian, 2-24-01
TET Reunion, 2-5-01


American GI Forum Christmas, Sears Park, 12-17-00
LULAC American GI Forum, 11-11-00
Sears Park Seniors Thanksgiving, 11-9-00
Sear Park Revitalization recognized by City Council, 10-12-00
Sears Park Advisory board presentation to SNAP program, 10-12-00
 Festival of the Americas, Downtown Abilene, 9-30/10-1-00
Car Show, Abilene Civic Center, 9-24-00
Deiz y Seis de Septiembre, 9-16-00

Prior to 9-16-00 the photographs taken were not by digital camera
and will be searched for documentation.  Pending