Hispanics began to settle Abilene in significant numbers during the early 1910s, bringing with them the rich heritage and culture of their homeland. They were, for the most part, from Mexico and the Texas border areas in search for a better life for their families. They brought with them the music that influenced their daily lives and the pride of their Hispanic roots.  In the 1930s through the 1940s Hispanic music in Texas contributed to the already established ballads from the old country. Tejano pioneers such as Narciso Martinez and Beto Villa influenced the musical generations of the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s in the United States.

Hispanics in Abilene benefitted from the music influenced by popular recordings such as Tejano, conjunto, regional norteno, mariachi, tropical and salsa, along with  American pop, blues, jazz and country music.  At the height of the local Hispanic talent in the 1960s, 70s and 80s many local groups and individuals recorded singles and albums and performed in many parts of the United States.

We are proud to present our collection of these talented musicians, singers and individual promoters that have shaped the Hispanic music scene in Abilene, Texas.
  We acknowledge that there are many groups and individuals that our resources have not reached.   Through your contributions, we would be honored to include them.  Contact us at info@arroyocatclaw.com.
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Cande Flores and the Ol' Schol Band
Courtesy Jessie Vidaurri

STAR 106.3 MIKE GARCIA JR , LUIS ( EL TAZ ) HERRERA JR , JESSIE VIDAURRI AKA DR J (copyright Arroyo Catclaw Digital)

Early 1950s ten piece "orquesta" at Abilene festival.

Rick and the Romans. l-r Arthur Reyes, Rick Martinez, Johnny Herrera, Gregory Portillo, Ray Alvarado, Fernando Alvarado. Zarape Records 1022.

Roy and the Romans. l-r Fernando Alvarado, Fred Reyes, Rey Silva, Roy Lopez, Ray Alvarado, Art Reyes, Rick Martinez

Danny Ortiz, Jr. and the Diamond Notes
Danny Ortiz Jr. with early dance poster, celebrates 50th anniversary in entertainment, 8-9-14 (courtesy Fito Ortiz).

Bonny y su Bonnevilles. Bottom row l-r Pat Gonzalez, Larry Cisneros, Herman Gonzalez, Lolo Gonzalez. Top row l-r Luis Herrera, Speedy Gonzalez, Bonny Lopez, Lee Escobedo, Jesse Barrera. Oro Records 200.

Los Fantasticos de Carlos Fernandez, Freddie Records 6002

Los Hermanos Landeros, Joey Records 1008

(Courtesy Fito Ortiz)

Los Preferidos, Rick Martinez, Pascual Mirelez, Adolfo Ortiz, David Palacios, Vance Marquez, Greg Garcia, Ray Silva, Remigio Silva.

Omar Ortiz

Cande Flores and Rick Martinez

Felipe Mendez

Baldemar Vidaurri

Elizabeth Dena

Joe B y Futuro
Victor Garcia

Pedro from Joe Chabarria y su Popular

Andy "Jalepeno" Olvera

Vance Marquez

Mirelez Productions.
l-r Pascual, Joe & Adam

Pete "The Heat" Garcia


Grupo Viento

David Allen
Eric y Confianza

Fito Ortiz

Francisco Villa

Alfonso "El Negro" Hernandez

Abraham Duarte

Maria Hernandez

Fred Hernandez

Frank Luna, Vance Marquez & Greg

Juan Martinez

DJ Iceman & DJ Destiny

Jesse Olvera

Joe Chabarria

Luis Hererra

Manuel Hernandez

Jennifer Fuentes

Cande Flores

Carlos Fernandez

Danny Ortiz

David Hermoso

PJ "DJ Smooth" Rodriquez

Eddie, Salsa & Merenge DJ

Tejano star Rebecca Valadez and Liz Nunez

Ramiro Herrera

Ben "Candyman" Gonzalez

Paul Hernandez

Combo band 1968.  l-r Donald Burton, Billy Enriquez, Ernesto Carasco. (back) Raymond Hernandez

Grupo K'lorr de Jesse Olvera

Frankie "Callahan" Garcia

Tony Ortiz

Los Exitos

Juan Torres & Liz Nunez

Estrella Rodriguez

Popular de Joe Chabarria

Tropicalisimo Fantesia

Brenda "La Coquetta" Anderson

KMXO Radio ad 1986
Manual Hernandez KRBC Radio  Ad

Los Herrantes de Zacatecaz

Manuel Hernandez at radio Station in Merkel, TX
Carino Band de Abilene-L-R Arthur Hernandez, Bobby Lara,  Gilbert Lara, Elton Jonas,  Paul Hernandez. Not pictured Juan Martinez