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Abilene, Texas: Collection of early Maps, Postcards, photos, etc.
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Map: Texas & Pacific Hotel & Dinning Depot,
Abilene, Texas 1885-Sanborn

Photograph: Texas & Pacific Hotel & Eating Train Depot. Two story bldg., Abilene, Texas 1884.

Map drawing: Birds eye view of T&P Hotel & Passenger Train Depot, Abilene, TX, 1883. Drawn by Augustus Koch.

Photograph: Abilene 1884.
Unknown publ.

Photograph: Abilene 1884. Business identified. John R. Bell Co. Unknown publ.

1880s Art Print, Abilene, Texas. Texas and Pacific Ry. Publ. by Woodward and Tiernan, St. Louis.

Map: Abilene, Texas 1885
Pine St. & Walnut St.
Sanborn Map
Photo: Abilene, Texas looking north on Pine St.
Back of photo: Abilene, Texas 1882. No. 001

Photograph: 1908 Abilene County Courthouse.
Photographer: T.F. Jones, Box 645, Abilene, Tex.

Postcard: Abilene Federal Building/Post Office, Abilene Texas 1905. Publ. McLemore Bass Drug Co. Postmarked: 12-21-1908.

Postcard: Abilene, Texas 1890s. Publ. by McLemore- Bass Drug Co.. Postmark: 10/2/1909. No. 003

Postcard: Old time Roundup, in Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas. Publ. Mrs. L.H. Bradfield. Postmarked. Dec. 13, 1906.

Postcard: Waiting to be weighed, Abilene, Texas. Publ. B. Langsdorf & Co., New York. Postmark Feb. 25, 1907.

Postcard: Abilene, Texas, Pine St. looking south,1909.
Publ. unknown. Postmark Nov. 26, 1909.

Abilene, Texas, Pine Street. Publ. Unknown. Not Postmark.

Postcard: Abilene, Texas Pine Street looking south. Publ. unknown. Postmark 7/31/1917. No. 008

Postcard: Abilene, Texas, Cypress Street. Publ. by Lester Ellis Drug Co. Dated 4/30/1927. No Postmark. No. 009

Postcard: North 1st and Pine looking north 1900s. Citizens National Bank and  Stith & Co Land Agts on right. Postmark 2/8/1910. Publ. not legible.

Postcard: J.M. Radford Grocery Co., Abilene, Texas, Photo by T.F Jones. Postmark 10/2/1912.

Postcard: Abilene, TX, Pine Street, South from Third. Postmarked 9-28-1911

Postcard: Alexander Sanitarium, Abilene, Texas. Early touring cars. Publ. SL & Co. Printed in Germany. Not postmarked.

Postcard: Hollis Sanitarium, Abilene, Texas. Publ. unknown. Postmarked 1-5-1907
Postcard: North Ward School, North 8th and Orange, Abilene, TX, constructed in 1902. Was replaced by Lamar Elementary in 1921. Not postmarked
Postcard: Central Ward School, Abilene, TX. Built as first high school in 1889 at South 1st & Peach St., demolished in 1923. Publ. SL & Co. Printed In Germany. Postmarked 7-3-1908.

Postcard: Alexander Sanitarium,
Abilene, Texas. Personnel in front
of sanitarium with horse drawn ambulance.
Publ. Abilene Printing Co., Abilene Publishing. Postmarked 10/3/1910.

Postcard: Early Grace Hotel. Built in 1909 with three stories, later added fourth story in 1920s. Publ. C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee. Postmarked Feb. 5, 1910.

Postcard: New Texas & Pacific RR depot, Abilene, TX. Built in 1910. Publ. C.T. American Art. Not postmarked.

Postcard: July 31, 1911 Abilene, Texas flood, storm. Along "shoreline" (Identifiable l-r) T&P RR depot, Grace Hotel, restaurant business and Tom Moore. Photo by T.F. Jones. Postmarked Feb. 24, 1913. 

Postcard: 2nd Abilene High School , erected in 1909, burned in 1923, rebuilt in 1924 as Central Ward. Publ. by C.T. American Art. Not postmarked.

Postcard: 1910 Simmons College. Publ. by Mrs. L.B. Bradfield. Postmarked January 22, 1910.

Postcard: South 1st, Abilene 1908. Publ. Mrs. L.H. Bradfield. Postmarked Feb. 16, 1908.

Postcard: Simmons University campus 1921, Abilene, Texas. David S. Castle, architect. Not postmarked.

Postcard: Pine Street 1914 looking north, Abilene, TX. Publ. Published exclusively for Duke, Ayers Nichols Stores. Postmarked May 26, 1914.

Postcard: New T&P Depot built in 1910. Baggage building on left, part of first depot complex. Grace Hotel on right across the street. Publ. E.C. Kropp, Milwaukee. Not postmarked.

Postcard: Old and present Federal Building.
Original, on right, was built in 1901 and present, on left, was built in 1935. Unknown publ.

Postcard: West Texas Baptist Sanitarium. Publ. unknown. Postmarked May 31,

Postcard: Street trolley tracks down Pine Street looking south. Publ. C.T. American Art. Not Postmarked.

Postcard: Abilene North 1st, circa 1915. Publ. Lester Ellis Drug Store. Not postmarked.

Photo: Texas & Pacific announcing sale of Abilene town lots, March 15, 1881. ARN 4-8-1956

Photograph: Texas & Pacific train, Abilene, Texas, 1939. Photographer Preston George, Kaw, Okla.

Cabinet Photograph: Back of card Chapman & Ralph, North Side Gallery, North 2nd Street, Abilene, Texas.

Cabinet Photograph: Miller Bros Studio, Abilene, Texas

Cabinet Photograph:
Vickers Studio, Abilene, Texas.

Cabinet Photoraph: T.S. Higginbotham Studio, Abilene, Texas.

Cabinet Photograph: Miller Bros.
Abilene, Texas. Dated in back 1886

Cabinet Photograph: Kavanaugh & Duffield, Abilene, Texas.

Cabinet Photograph:
T.S. Higginbotham Studio, Abilene Texas.

Cabinet Photograph: Ackerts Studio, Abilene, Texas. 1880-90s Family Portrait.

Cabinet Photograph:
Chapman Studio, Abilene, Texas

Cabinet Photograph: Miller Bros. Art Studios, Abilene, Texas

Cabinet Photograph
Chambers Studio, Abilene, Texas

Cabinet Photograph:
Doman Studio, Abilene, Texas

Cabinet Photograph:
T.S. Higginbotham Baby Grand
Studio, Abilene, Texas 1922

Cabinet Photograph:
G.E. Ward Studio, Abilene, Texas

Post Card: Early 1912 Abilene group picture. Postmarked 1/23/1912. Unknown publisher.

Photograph: 1910 Class of Nurses, Alexander Sanitarium Sixth and Seventh Annual Report. Unknown publ.

Cabinet Photograph: Unknown studio (damaged). Abilene, Tex.

Postcard: Abilene Auto Racing, Fair Park, 1920s. Unknown Publ. Undated

Postcard: Chestnut Street, Abilene, Texas. Postmarked April 25, 1914. Publ. J.D. Magee, Abilene

Fair Park Auditorium Show Poster 1930s, Abilene, Texas

Wooten Hotel Dance Poster 1930s, Abiene, Texas

Advertising Card: Cowboy Band, Simmons University, circa 1926.

Photograph: Abilene High School 1931 State Champions. Coaches/Players Id'd on back of photo by last name. Unknown publisher.

Postcard: Early Abilene Construction Crew. Not Post marked. Unknown Publ.

Post Card: 1910 Pine Street looking south from North 3rd. Not Post Marked. Publ. by T.F. Jones

1913 Abilene, Texas calendar advertisment. Cash Grocery Co. C.L. Giddens, Manager.

Cabinet Photograph: 1902 School Class in Abilene, Texas (Id'd in back). Roddens Studio. 

Post Card: Circa 1910, North 1st. Street. Abilene, Texas.
Publ. Unknown. Not Post Marked.

Abilene & Northern, Wichita Valley and Abilene & Southern Railroad Train Depots. Burlington Route Railroad Station, Abilene, Texas.

Map: Abilene & Northern
and Wichita Valley Railroad Depots. Abilene & Southern Railroad Depot. South 2nd and Locust, Abilene, TX.
Sanborn Map 1919.

Photo: This rare photo of the Abilene & Northern and Wichita Valley Railroad Depot has "Abilene" on the side of the depot and letters W.V. on the right.
No identification or date on the back of the photo.
2-story Abilene & Southern RR Depot, Abilene, TX. Photos of depot found in book Wreckin' Texas, 1984, by Ray Hollis and Journal of Texas Shortline Railroads and Transportation, 1997. Both book and journal are in our collection.
Depot was demolished in 1960s.

Photo: Present Burlington Route Railroad Station at South 2nd and Locust, Abilene, TX. Station is vacant. (Arroyo Catclaw Di

Photo: Present Burlington Route RR Station door with inscription: Burlington Lines, Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co,  Colorado and Southern Railway Co. and Ft. Worth and Denver Railway Co. (Arroyo Catclaw Digital)

Abilene & Southern Railroad, Engine #20.  Photo from photo negative

Photo: Abilene Southern Railroad (ASRR), Engine #10. Photo from photo negative.

Photo: Abilene & Southern RR, No. 20. Publ. American Locomotive Company, New York. 

Wichita Valley train ticket.
Abilene to Weatherford via T&P.

Photograph: Texas & Pacific train downtown Abilene, Texas, January 22, 1964. Unknown photographer.

Abilene Traction Company

Photo:  Abilene Traction Company passenger bus.
Back of photo:
T.S. Higginbothan Studio, 229 1/2 Pine, Abilene, Texas

Photo: Abilene Traction Company barn, semi-truck with load. Back of photo: Harper Standard Engraving Co., Ervay & Royal Sts., P.O. Box 1016, Dallas, Tex.

Abilene, Texas,  1940s-50s

Postcard: Pine St. looking south, 1950's. No publ. Not postmarked.

Postcard: 3rd street looking west, 1950's. No publ. Not postmarked.

Postcard: Pine St. looking north, 1950's. No publ. Not postmarked.

Postcard: Pine St. looking
north, 1950's. No publ. Not

Postcard: 1950s street scene at Post Office & Windsor Hotel.
No Publ. Not postmarked.

Photograph: Abilene 1940's, North 1st looking east. Grace Hotel on left. Unknown publ.

Photograph: College Heights Elementary, Grade 5, Room 32, 1956-57. Abilene, Texas.
Unknown publisher.

Postcard: Abilene Downtown 1950s.
Publ. B&C Distributing Co., Laverne, Okla.
Not Postmarked.

Photograph: 1940s Abilene High School class on South 1st. Unknown publisher.

Photograph: 1940s Abilene transit fleet to Camp Barkeley.
Unknown publisher

Post Card: Abilene High School 1940s.
Unknown publ. Not postmarked.

Post Card: 1940s Abilene, Texas. Not postmarked. Unkn publ.
142nd Infantry, 36th Division, Company I, Texas National Guard, World War I, from Callahan, Jones and Taylor Counties.
Welcome Home Special Edition, Abilene Daily Reporter, June 18, 1919
Excerpts from 8 page special section

Newspaper front page group photo
June 18, 1919

List of Killed In Action,
Killed in Training or Accidents.

Information of  early
movement and Muster Roster of 142nd, Company I, Texas National Guard.

Rest of Muster Roll for
142nd, Company I, Texas National Guard.