Abilene Army Airfield, Texas
World War II 1942-1946

World War II saw the blossoming of  "tent camps"  throughout  the United States and Abilene was no exception. Camp Barkeley, Camp Barkeley, eleven miles south of Abilene, became an Army infantry training camp for thousands of recruits. Army Inductees were trained for various duties while there.

Tye Army Airfield was built for the Army Air Corps and opened on December 18, 1942. The field briefly served as Abilene's airport. Tye Army Airfield was officially named Abilene Army Airfield and was dedicated June 5,1943. Air Corps cadets learned to fly trainers and P-47 Thunderbolt fighters while stationed at the Army AAF, a Camp Barkeley adjunct. Abilene Army Airfield was deactivated December 31,1945.

The deed to Abilene Army Airfield was sold to Abilene for $1. Fifteen hundred acres  of the former Army Airfield were used by the Texas National Guard as a training facility.

Aerial Abilene Army Airfield (center). Possibly municipal airport on right.

Closer view of Abilene AAF hanger, structures

Abilene Army Airfield, circa 1944

Abilene Army Airfield Officers (Front row L-R) Col. HarryWeddington, Major George Parker, Major G.E. Earl, Major Ed L. Murphy, Lt. Tom Eubanks. (Back row) Group of Officers.

10th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Abilene Army Airfield, October 16, 1943

125th Observation Squadron, Abilene Municipal Airport, July 4, 1942

Abilene Army Air Field at ground level during fire demonstration

Abilene, Texas 1940s. Looking northeast.