Our Homes and Country Illustrated
by  Chambers & Anderson, Abilene, Texas

Published in 1904, this 67-page booklet (10 1/2" x 13 3/4") list early residents of Taylor County, Texas. The booklet contains photographs (aside from the advertisements) of the resident’s homes, farmhouses or ranch houses from the early 20th Century. A short narrative of the resident also appears below the photograph. The residents names contained in this booklet are listed below.  Communities that are listed include - Potosi, Caps, Lawn, Jim Ned Valley, Nubia. Other towns are Tuscola, communities north of Abilene, Merkel, Trent and Abilene. Five samples of the entries appear on the left column. Excellent for genealogy research.
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Booklet's contents:

Inside Cover: Advertisement by Ed S. Hughes & Co. Abilene, Texas. Full page
Introduction page.
Page 1 Taylor and Adjoining Counties-Article narrative.
Page 2 Brief History on Potosi, Texas.  J.A. Brown, Potosi, Texas; T.P. Westbrook, Potosi, Texas; W.C. Holly, Potosi, Texas.
Page 3 Full page advertisement by Morgan Weaver, with photo.
Page 4 W.A. Bowles, Potosi, Texas; T.C. Cox, Potosi, Texas; J.M. Chandler, Potosi, Texas; E.H. Fuqua, Potosi, Texas.
Page 5 D.J. Hollingshead, Potosi, Texas; D.W. Bynum, Potosi, Texas; Ben Holly, Potosi, Texas; W.T. Lindley, Potosi, Texas.
Page 6 J.T. Badgett, Potosi, Texas; S.R. Murphree, Potosi, Texas; Allen Williams, Potosi, Texas; Joe Holly, Potosi, Texas.
Page 7 Advertisement by Steffens & Lowden Bankers, full page.  
Page 8 M.C. Bynum, Potosi, Texas; J.B. Seaton, Potosi, Texas; W,S. Chinn, Potosi, Texas; A.J.  Cameron, Potosi, Texas.
Page 9 Lo Fletcher, Potosi, Texas; D.E. Kauffman, Dudley, Texas; C.P. Lisman, Dudley, Texas; J.N. Smith, Dudley, Texas.
Page 10 Brief History of Caps, Texas. H.U. Drummond, Caps, Texas; R.E. Edmison, Caps, Texas; W.H. Robertson, Caps, Texas
Page 11 Advertisement by Minter Dry Goods Co. with photo. Full page.
Page 12 J.W. Chapman, Caps, Texas; J.G. Laughlin, Caps, Texas; C.A. Robeson, Caps, Texas; J.W. Taylor,  Caps, Texas.
Page 13 Robert Malone, Caps, Texas; G.F. Roberson, Caps, Texas; H.R. Wilson, Caps, Texas; R.C. Young, Caps, Texas.
Page 14 T.R. Newberry, Caps, Texas; L.M. Blakemore, Caps, Texas; J.E. Kendall, Caps, Texas; J.H. Ashby, Caps, Texas.
Page 15 W.A. Darby, Caps, Texas; Mrs. C.A. Milliken, Caps, Texas; J.W. Newberry. Caps, Texas. Quarter page advertisement by Daniel  & Shackelford.
Page 16 Four quarter page advertisements, A.C. Anderson Blacksmith; Spaulding Bros; W.T. Reynolds Real Estate; The Abilene Reporter.
Page 17 Brief History of Lawn and Tuscola, Texas. A.B. Britton, Lawn, Texas; F.E. Henderson, Lawn, Texas; W.C. Barnard, Lawn, Texas.
Page 18 Full page advertisement by George L. Paxton, Abilene, Texas. With photo.
Page 19 S.N. Landers, Lawn, Texas; N.J. Roberts, Lawn, Texas; C.B. Swindle, Lawn, Texas; W.N. Baker, Lawn, Texas.
Page 20 J.H. Landers, Lawn, Texas; J.G. Williams, Lawn, Texas; T.A. Rippy, Lawn, Texas; W.J. Landers, Lawn, Texas.
Page 21 “Uncle” Bob Baker, Lawn, Texas; E.A. Martin, Lawn, Texas; A.L. Roberts, Lawn, Texas; J.R. Landers, Lawn, Texas; 
Page 22 Half page advertisement by The Standard No. 12 Sulky Planter. Two quarter page advertisements by Abilene Shoe Co.;  The Emporium Millinery
Page 23 B.C. Gaither, Tuscola, Texas; T.W. Watson, Tuscola, Texas; George Hafner, Tuscola, Texas; R.J. Poe, Tuscola, Texas.
Page 24 D.H. Cole, Tuscola, Texas; C.P. Booker, Tuscola, Texas; Rand Home of P.T. Hurt, Tuscola, Texas; Fine Horses owned by P.T. Hurt.
Page 25 Full page advertisement by The Citizens National Bank. With photo.
Page 26 C.M. Cash, Tuscola, Texas; J.L. Graham, Tuscola, Texas; L.J. Groves, Tuscola, Texas;  Ranch of Capt. C.M. Pearre, Guion, Texas.
Page 27 Home and store J.D. Elliott. Moro, Texas; John S. Brown, Hamby, Texas; H.W. Richardson, Hamby, Texas; H. B. Manley, Deadman Valley, Texas
Page 28 C.H. Creighton, near Hamby, Texas; R.P. Hall, near Hamby, Texas; D.W. Wristen, near Hamby, Texas; Scene of Rev. O.D. McElroy, Hamby, Texas.
Page 29 J.F. Darnell, Hamby, Texas; F.W. Girand, near Abilene, Texas; J.N. Shepherd, near Abilene, Texas; J.A. Favors, near Abilene, Texas.
Page 30 Dr. J.G. Dodge, Hodges, Texas; H.C. Hall, Truby, Texas; J.D. Bowen, Hodges, Texas; C.B. Scarborough, Truby, Texas.
Page 31 Half page advertisement by Abilene Dry Goods Co.; Mrs. E.H. Holstein, 18 miles northwest of Abilene, Texas; J.S. Manly Spring Creek, Texas, 15 miles northwest of Abilene, Texas.
Page 32 Full page advertisement by Farmers and Merchants National Bank.
Page 33 Brief History of Merkel and Surroundings. ;Merkel Public School Building. J.T. Warren, Merkel, Texas; J.W. Daniel, Merkel, Texas.
Page 34 W.P. Thurmond, Merkel, Texas; Business of W.H. Dickson, Merkel, Texas; R.A. Miller, Merkel, Texas. Immigrants Home and Wagon Yard, Merkel, Texas.
Page 35 Half page advertisement of The First National Bank of Merkel, Texas. With photo; Ceo. S. Berry, Merkel, Texas. With narrative article.
Page 36 J.B. Ferrier, Merkel, Texas; Ranch scene of C.P. Warren, Merkel, Texas; W.W. Wheeler, Merkel, Texas; C.M. Largent, Texas.
Page 37 Samuel P. Butman, Nubia, Texas; Scene of Samuel P. Butman, Merkel, Texas; C.L. Brown, Nubia, Texas; W.L. Cogburn, Nubia, Texas.
Page 38 Hon. John T. Tucker, Nubia, Texas; A. Whisenhunt, Nubia, Texas; J.E. Costephens, Nubia, Texas; W.M. Clark, Nubia, Texas.
Page 39 H.D. Clark, Nubia, Texas; W.C. Newberry, Trent, Texas; James Baker, Trent, Texas; Mr. Baker’s Fine Stallions.
Page 40 Brief History of Abilene, Texas. Dabney Harvey, Abilene, Texas.
Page 41 Geo. W. McDaniel, Abilene, Texas; W.K. Early, Abilene, Texas; W.A. Bowie, Abilene, Texas; A.R. Christopher, Abilene, Texas.
Page 42 E.N. Kirby, Esq., Abilene, Texas; P.O. Forbus, post office, , Abilene, Texas;  A.S. Payton, Abilene, Texas; Col. J.W. Childers, Abilene, Texas.
Page 43 H.O. Wooten, Abilene, Texas; J.T. Perry, Abilene, Texas; A.H. Kirby, Esq., Abilene, Texas; J.F. Clark, Abilene, Texas.
Page 44 Geo. S. Browne, Abilene, Texas; John W. Baker, Abilene, Texas; Dr. C.W. Kline, Abilene, Texas; C.E. Welch, Abilene, Texas.
Page 45 W.G. Swenson, Abilene, Texas; V.L. Ralph , Abilene, Texas; A.J. Leighty, Abilene, Texas; Mrs. L.H. Bradfield, Abilene, Texas.
Page 46 M. Totter, Abilene, Texas; R.E. Hillger, Abilene, Texas; J.P. Wooten, Abilene, Texas; Arthur H. Herring, Abilene, Texas
Page 47 J.A. Boyce, Abilene, Texas; W.T. Scarborough, Abilene, Texas; W.H. Craig, Abilene, Texas; G.I. Christian, Abilene, Texas.
Page 48 Photos in Abilene, Texas: Taylor County Courthouse; Central Public School Building; Ward Public School Building; Abilene State Epileptic Colony Building; New Post Office and Courthouse.
Page 49 Simmons College,  Abilene, Texas. Photos: Recitation Hall, “Anna” Hall; Three of Five Cottages for Boys; “College Home: for Boys. Narrative by Oscar H. Cooper, LL. D.,  President of Simmons College, Abilene, Texas.  
Page 50 Mr. Henry Sayles, Abilene, Texas; J.C, O’Brien, Abilene, Texas; C.W. Merchant, Abilene, Texas; Quarter page advertisement by J.F. Clark Jewelry.
Page 51  Gus Gerhardt, Abilene, Texas; H.H. Allison, near Abilene, Texas; Z.D. Hailey, Abilene, Texas; R.H. Anderson, near Abilene, Texas.
Page 52 P.S. Kauffman, Abilene, Texas; Major L.C. Wise, Abilene, Texas; R. G. Anderson, Abilene, Texas; J.V. Chnningham, Abilene, Texas.
Page 53 Dr. L.W. Hollis, Abilene, Texas; J.M. Radford, Abilene, Texas; John Bowyer, Esq., Abilene, Texas Mrs. M.W. Morrow, Abilene, Texas.
Page 54 J.N. Wilson, Abilene, Texas; J.M. Wagstaff, Esq., Abilene, Texas; Law Office of Cunningham & Oliver, Abilene, Texas; J.B. Chambers, Abilene, Texas; Geo. S. Anderson, Abilene, Texas.
Page 55 Rev. L.R. Scarborough, Abilene, Texas; W.E. Hughes, Abilene, Texas; R.H. Oldham,  Abilene, Texas; E. Virgil Albritton, Abilene, Texas.
Page 56 Dr. W.G. Jackson, Dentist, Abilene, Texas; P.J. Watson, Post Office, Abilene, Texas; Coke W. Harkrider, Abilene, Texas;  J.C. Adams, Near Abilene.
Page 57 C.P. Warren, Abilene, Texas; John R. Spaulding, Abilene, Texas; J.M. Daugherty, Abilene, Texas; Geo. L. Paxton, Abilene, Texas.
Page 58 O.W. Steffens, Abilene, Texas; Ed S. Hughes, Abilene, Texas; J.G. Lowdon , Abilene, Texas; Larry Hays, Abilene, Texas.
Page 59 Hon. J.V. Cockrell, Abilene, Texas; R.D. Bumpass, Abilene, Texas; A.S. Hardwicke, Abilene, Texas; J.P. Sutphen, Abilene, Texas.
Page 60 E.A. Pearce, Abilene, Texas; Roundup scene of Mack Merchant, Abilene, Texas; W.B. Lewis, Abilene, Texas; J.L. Curry, Abilene, Texas.
Page 61 W.T. Wilson, Abilene, Texas; R.G. Hall, Abilene, Texas; Will Stith, Abilene, Texas; J.L. Andrews, Abilene, Texas.
Page 62 Dr, J.D. Magee, Abilene, Texas; Harry Tom King, Esq., Abilene, Texas; Dr. J.E. Lindsey, Abilene, Texas; D.S. Kauffman, Abilene, Texas.
Page 63 Dr. F.E. Haynes, Abilene, Texas; Henry James, Abilene, Texas; G.M. Tribble, Abilene, Texas; L.P. Ligon, Abilene, Texas.
Page 64 Dr. D.G. Hill, Esq., Abilene, Texas; M.C. Lambeth, Abilene, Texas; Baylor Crawford, Abilene, Texas; S.P. Hardwicke, Esq., Abilene, Texas.
Page 65 Half page advertisement by Kauffman Brothers, 221 Pine, Abilene, Texas; Two quarter page advertisements by J.T. Mount,  Gents Furnisher. With photo. And Compere Bros. Real Estate, Loan, Insurance and Rental Boys.
Page 66 Dr. J.M. Alexander, Abilene, Texas; Ranch of A.H. Glasscock, Abilene, Texas; Ranch scene of K.C. Wylie, near Abilene, Texas; Geo. Hayden, Abilene, Texas.
Page 67 E.F. Elkin, Abilene, Texas; H.B. Smith, Abilene, Texas; W.J. Tate, Abilene, Texas; M.A. Hart, Abilene, Texas.

Inside back cover: Full page advertisement by E.P. Turner, G.P. & T.A. , (T&P) Dallas, Texas.
Back cover: Full page advertisement of Bass Brothers Drug Company with narrative, Abilene, Texas.