Camp Barkeley

Camp Structural Buildings

CampMap.JPG (18377 bytes)

1941 Sketch of Camp Grounds
HdqCampBarkeley.JPG (14040 bytes)

Camp Barkeley Headquarters Building
GuardCampBarkeley.JPG (12013 bytes)

Camp Guard House
ExchangeCampBarkeley.JPG (12616 bytes)

Camp Barkeley Post Exchange
FireStation.JPG (14712 bytes)

Camp Fire Station No.2
MuralCampBarkeley.JPG (20664 bytes) 

Mural of State of Texas painted by Sgt. Sam Smith of Camp Barkeley.  Mural was over the entrance to main room in Service Club No. 1

LibraryCamp Barkeley.JPG (22194 bytes)

Camp Barkeley Library

ChapelCampBarkeley.JPG (14692 bytes)
Camp Barkely Chapel.  There were approximately eleven chapels of this nature on the camp.
OfficersMessCampBarkeley.JPG (12664 bytes)  "
Camp Barkeley Officer's Mess and Club  
ServiceClubCampBarkeley.JPG (8826 bytes)    

Camp Barkeley Enlisted Men's Club

PRCampBarkeley.JPG (20050 bytes)

 Public Relations Office, Camp Barkeley News

TheaterCampBarkeley.JPG (10748 bytes)

Camp Barkeley Theater