GI's that served at Camp Barkeley

Photos below courtesy of Jan Prince (11/3/14)

Doris Gill, July 1944 in front of the Training Center

Eileen Sturm, June 1944 in front of the USO, Camp Barkeley

Egon and Eileen Sturm, March 1945

Three photos below courtesy of Sue Stewart

Albert Cofflet

Jack Harper

Jack Harper and David Beck

Edwin Arland Martin, Co. B 62nd M. T. B Camp Barkeley, Texas
Photos courtesy granddaughter Patricia Davila

Eddyburn, Edwin Martin, Sindall, Bales

Edwin Martin and Camp

Edwin Maritn taking a break

Medterando & Edwin Martin


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ROLAND RASCH (Roland Arthur Rasch)
Halliday, North Dakota (a ranch 12 miles NNW of Halliday) 

Trained at Camp Barkley, Texas 

Pictured here in front of the Camp Barkley barracks which were nicknamed "Tar Baby" Barracks according to my aunt. Roland seems to have an armored division shoulder patch. He toured the Western Pacific with MacArthur as a Medic. He made four beach landings: Three in New Guinea Campaign: Biak, Hollandia, (and possibly Wewak....) and Leyte in the Philippines. His whole training was at Camp Barkley.

Photo courtesy: Carroll H. Rasch , Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

Photo submitted by Jim Pryke from Arizona. (Above Picture of his dad, Joseph "Tom" Pryke, with buddies at Camp Barkekey. (Below) Tom Pryke practices his manual of arms.

(Above) Joseph "Tom" Pryke, from Pittsburgh, PA, T/S 359th Infantry, 90th Infantry Div.  (Below) T/S Pryke with buddies take aim. Photos submitted by Jim Pryke of Arizona.

(Above) Photo of Joseph "Tom" Pryke at Camp Barkeley.(Below) TS Pryke, sitted on left with buddies. Photo submitted by his son, Jim Pryke of Arizona.